How to find valid credit card numbers

Free credit card numbers – How to find them

There are many people looking for CC #’s mainly because they want to test out a website or verify their age. Some people do not have their own card and this is why it’s so difficult to do this. However, there are a few things you can do to CC’s that work. Remember that you need to do some searching in order to find these. Here are a few tips on how to find websites which offer this type of information. Most sites should be checked to see if they are up to date. For example, you need to search for a site by date or last updated to find fake credit card numbers that work. This is the only way you’ll find CC’s which can be verified. Here are a few tips on how to do this below:

  • Go to Google and type in your search query , followed by the year and month. It really depends on what type of card you need so make sure you enter either Visa or Mastercard to be more specific.
  • When searching for sites, make sure you have your virus protection on. Some of these sites might be harmful but most will be okay to use so there is no worry.
  • Look through the information carefully. If the card has a rating, this will usually determine if the these are true valid credit card numbers. Most people will give it a 100% rating if it works so be sure to pay attention to this.
  • Write down the cards that you think will work. You can test them later on, which we will explain how to do in the next paragraph. Record the expiration date, number, name, and so forth. All of this information is important.

Credit card numbers that work – Recording the numbers

There are many signs that indicate you have found CC’s that actually work. It really depends on the type of card you have and how long it has been used. Some cards work for a few months while others expire in a few days. This is why you need to keep an open eye and be organized when it comes to separating the numbers of cards. The question now for  you is, how will you test out these numbers that work? There are many ways of doing this but for the most part, you’ll need to test them online. You may not have access to the physical card and this is why online is the best method. Here are some tips on how to do this on how to record valid credit card numbers.

  • Try visiting an adult site that requires you to verify your age. This can be done with a card number that you have acquired.
  • Type in all of the information carefully such as the number, name, expiration, and the CC# which is on the back of the card. All of this will be required for verification method.
  • It may take a few minutes to process so wait patiently. If the card doesn’t work, you’ll be informed that the verification failed or there was some sort of error. Any type of message that shows this basically means that you are successful in finding credit card numbers that work.
  • For the cards that do work, you will be able to verify without any trouble. Make sure you keep the CC# information in a safe place so that way you can use it for whatever you like later on. 

Valid credit card numbers – Why people use them

Most CC ‘s can be used for a number of different reasons like buying a product, depositing a small amount to the card, using Paypal, sending money online or even using it to verify age or employment. Depending on what you need the card for. Let’s explore some of the situations where someone would use a number. This will help you see the benefits of gaining card numbers and you will be able to use them more often.

  • For those of you who are younger, you can learn how to use a CC # just by finding one that is valid. This is great for learning proposes. We recommend doing this if you are from age fifteen to seventeen. You’ll learn how to use your own card responsible when you turn eighteen and you won’t have any trouble using it, since you’ve already learned how to use fake credit card numbers that work.
  • Paypal might need to make a deposit to your card. This card might even have your name and therefore it will work perfectly to confirm your identity. They will usually deposit anywhere from $0.05 to $1.50 for verification. You’ll have to enter the exact amount that was deposited.
  • Cards can be used for making small purchases online. This could be for a gift you are getting someone or even for a small business expense.
  • Another reason why people use these types is because they don’t want them to be traced. They might be purchasing products with free credit card numbers and having them shipped elsewhere because they don’t want their family to know they bought it. This is especially true for adult products or even birthday surprises for a loved one.

Fake credit card numbers that work

Overall, these numbers are great to use in emergency situations when you don’t have enough funds or you just need to verify something. Best of all, some of the cards won’t reveal the true person that bought the product. This gives you complete privacy when it comes to buying things online or at the market. There are also many ways to get these numbers online. People have been using so many different methods to acquire the cards such as:

  • Creating programs which allow you to use cards that don’t have any balance. These can just be used to verify and they are very useful in most cases.
  • Some others will send out e-mails acting as the bank, gaining their valuable information. This is called a spoof e-mail and there are thousands of people that fall for this. They might even not know there card is being used for months. Yes – it’s true, some do not check their balance often.
  • Sharing information with companies which buy or sell credit card numbers that work. There are many websites online that do this and they might even offer some free CC’s to show the customer they are for real. It is important for you to take advantage of this.
  • A few businesses offer fake credit card numbers by manufacture ring the actual card and giving it out as a freebie for customers that inquire about their services. They’ve been doing this to gain traffic and get people interested in certain services they offer. With freebies, everyone wants something and what not a better way than offering a card? They can verify that the card works and they may even be interested in other free credit card numbers  or even paid ones that they can pick up from their website.

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